Not Worth It: #ClearTheList October 2018

Usually, I get so distracted from my goals that I do not achieve them. However, I was focused on my goals this month, but could not achieve them with juggling school and tutoring English students, and friends while maintaining a healthy sleeping schedule. Spending an extra thirty minutes on my Serbian is not worth missing [...]


Not As Planned: #ClearTheList September 2018 Goals and “Structured Dabbling”

Neither the outcome of last month nor the goals I just wrote determined were really in the plan. This one's a curve ball! I have literally spent hours on this post because I need to decide my direction in terms of dabbling. Also, I spent significant time analyzing what went wrong this month. I have [...]

Switching Gears and Immersion Days: #ClearTheList August 2018 Goals

It's finally August -- my least favorite month. School starts, more obligations, more responsibility yields less time for language studies. I remember around this time last year when I was just starting to learn Italian. After, about a month in, I finally started to have fun and the language was starting to click. It's crazy [...]

Dear Language Learner: Budget and Invest + How I’m Learning Serbo-Croatian for $20

The topic of Money -- one of my favorite topics although many people shy away from it! Regardless of your feeling, it is important to address. And I honestly think that this article will serve as therapy from time to time 🙂

Building a Learning Environment: Creative and Inspiring Notebooks

I know that I did not create anything revolutionary here! Nevertheless, I wanted to share my work as an inspiration to other language learners who want to spark their motivation and creativity.

Summer 2018 Book Haul

I had to splurge recently and buy some more language books to my growing shelf. I'd like to share my finds! Hopefully, in the future, I will write some reviews on these books after I read them. This post is not to brag. (Most are actually used books.) I simply thought the community would enjoy seeing [...]

July 2018 Goals: #ClearTheList

I'm laughing my head off now. As I sit here to write my goals for July over a week late, I'm looking at last month's goals. Once again I created goals which would be impossible to achieve. At the time, I did not want to admit that I would be losing learning time due to [...]